Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amarillo Skye

This little yearling just moved out of our "nest" to his new home. His new "mama" Amy has been emailing me his progress. Before he left our pastures for his new ones he had sort of befriended one of our female horses. She kept calling out to him after he had gone. Evidently he's already made friends with another female horse at the stable he's at now. I guess he's a ladies man even though he's a geld!! No one can seem to figure out what color to call him either. I kept using the term "buff" or "creamella". As an artist I would probably call him "unbleached titanium", but the horse community wouldn't get that!!

Regardless, he's doing well and seems to be very happy in his new surroundings. Thanks Amy for giving Skye a good home!! We're still looking for that right person for Hershey!

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