Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The fun is in the details....

I wish I had taken more step by step photos of this little still life. I'm posting it to show how by adding just a few details to the dish, it can really make a difference. What would be considered a pretty complicated bowl to paint/draw is simplified by just leaving it white and getting the shape on the canvas. I then go in with the shadows and highlights to give it dimension. Don't let complicated subjects intimidate you!! Start them out with basic shapes and go from there.

On another note, first class of the 2012 for my Kentucky students is this weekend! I'm so excited to paint with everyone again and can't wait to see you in person!! Happy painting!


  1. Love the finished character of the dish. Best of luck with the spring classes,

  2. Excellent advice about starting with big shapes and going from there, thanks!