Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 4th Paintings in class...

Ok, I know I should post this many photos all at once, but I finally remembered to bring my camera and take a few snapshots so I'm posting some that I took. I'm sure I'm missing some folks, but I can only get blogger to allow me 5 per post. Everyone, you did fantastic!! Why some of these are in focus and some are not, I'll never know. I'm sure it's me, not the camera! Happy Painting!!!


  1. Everyone's paintings look great, especially Francine's! I can't wait to paint ocean waves and palm trees next week. :)

  2. It should be fun!!!! And the paintings really did come out great this week!!

  3. Loved seeing your students work! So beautiful!

    Your comment on my blog about sass being a spiritual gift cracked me up! Too funny!