Thursday, March 3, 2011

More mail art!

I just received more mail art this week!! Aren't these cool! Thank you Erika, Jen, & Aubrey! I have to say that's it's really cool to go the the mailbox and have this waiting for me there!

On another note, my daughter is getting married this year. (I can't believe I'm that old!!) I've been looking at Somerset Studio, Legacy etc for ideas for the invitations. I'm in charge of making them. We're looking at about 150 + so far. If any of you have any other places/websites that may have some ideas for me, please feel free to share. I could use the help!


  1. Congrats on her pending nuptials!
    Wherever you get them - it's always a fun challenge to pick out invitations!
    : )

  2. Judging from your profile photo I can't believe you're "that old" either. Congrats to your daughter! : )

  3. My sister made my invitations :) if I had to make wedding invites I would do something letterpress and find a really awesome vendor on etsy. :)

  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas. For my sister in laws baby shower, I made the invites for that also. But I found a really great rubberstamp of a child at the beach, then I hand colored it with pastels. We have no idea what we're going to do yet, which is why I thought I would ask for others ideas first.

  5. Congrats on your daughter's upcoming marriage!