Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have the Joy of Painting down in my heart...

Do you remember that song from Sunday school, or bible school when you were a kid that goes: "I have joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart...where!...down in my heart...WHERE!!...down in my heart!! Each time we got to the word "where" I would scream it as loud as I could. (Chuckle...) I guess I still have a loud voice. Now I'm planning on using that voice & these hands to share the Bob Ross technique of painting. My first exposure to art technique was seeing Bob on tv. I remember thinking "I can do that!!!" Well, turns out I can! (And so can you for that matter.) So, I'll keep singing my song and sharing my gift with others.

As a note, the guy in the photo with me is Doug the instructor who led my certification classes. He describes his personality as "snarky". (Such an interesting word...snarky.) Anyway, I'll have to post more about my experiences there later.

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