Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Preparing for Saturday...

Saturday is just around the corner and both classes are full!! If you're on the wait list and I have an opening, be looking for a call or email usually on Thursday or Friday. I've already started getting canvas prepped and can't wait to get painting with you!!

A few of you have been asking me to do one of the Bob Ross Barns. Well, here's my first attempt at this one, which may turn into a class. I'm not a huge fan of the Bob Ross Buildings as many of you know, but I want you guys to be able to paint these if you so wish. This barn looks more like the ones we have around here which is why I chose it. I need to work a few "bugs" out yet, but no too bad for the first attempt. Happy Painting everyone!!!


  1. Well I think it looks beautiful! And I love that waterfall! Good luck for Saturday. :)

  2. I also love that waterfall picture!! Awesome!

  3. Thanks Marina! The class went really well.